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27 June 2005 @ 06:50 pm
MADD camp Update  
Ok so Last Tuesday-Saturday me and 8 other lovely people went to Rollins College to become educated more about leadership and things. I had such a good time and learned a lot of helpful things for the future. I am so glad I went to this camp. Seriously, I hope I can be a staffer next year. I met some amazing people. I miss Josh :( Thats sum bulllshyt! lol Awww my 15 year old giant. lol I really do miss him though. I also really connected with my staffer, Mark, because he was such a chill guy, plus we both had the exact same sibling situation. It was so crazy! The talent show there was fun, the food was good too, and me and Joelle's room was the party room. lol Everyone wanted to play Uno with us and stuff all the time. Serioously, I can't wait to do this camp again. The dance was sooo much fun! I went crazy!! I danced with frickin everyone! and I knew every song they played..it was cool. I did take some pictures....194 to be exact, so you know I'll post them when I have time. Soo yesterday work was fun! My buddy Mike is soo cool!!! and I am liking work more now that I know more people. Its cool. Greg Martini is the funniest kid I have ever met! OMG!!! SO yeah, today I had cheerleading camp. Let me tell you, I haven't ever really done cheerleading this..intense? Is that even the right word to use? lol I am SOOO sore!! But I had a great time. We learned 5 chants, 2 dances, a cheer, and some cool new stunts. I was so lost with the stunts because at Holy Name all we did were halfs and fulls. LOL! It was funny. We learned so many new techniques and stuff. But yes I am completely drained and I have 2 more days of this. TOmorrow is going to be the worst...jumps and stunts! AHH! But yes, its fun and worth it. I got to drive Trisha's car today, cause she didnt feel like driving. Its cool. Ok well I was supposed to go to the movies tonight, but I think I'm just gonna stay here and sleep. Maybe I'll upload some more pictures (I haven't gotten to the madd camp pics yet, so bear with me) Peace out, Homies!
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: MUD ON THE TIRES
J: Rockerjdazzler15 on September 11th, 2005 03:56 pm (UTC)
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